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Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8
Uncommon Design for 8mm Movie Camera


At a first glance, Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 does not look like an 8mm movie cameras

8mm movie camera usually adopts a vertical, tall and thin design, where the 2 film spools position vertically, in such a way that the film plane can easily and directly fit into the film gate. Instead, Movikon 8 adopts a horizontal, short and fat body design. The 2 film spools are arranged horizontally, where the film is twisted 90 degrees before entering the film gate, and then is twisted another 90 degrees after leaving the film gate.

Zeiss Ikon started to market Movikon 8 since 1952. It has a very perfectly steamlined, metal cast body in grey crinkle finish, with all rounded corners. A strong feel of space age design, or it may look like a submarine.

Variations on Movikon models :

About The Camera

The camera shown in this webpage is Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8, in grey crinkle finish. I purchased it when travelling in India ( Chor Bazaar in Mumbai ) in 2001. The camera front and even the film take-up spool are embossed with the classic logo of Zeiss Ikon.

  • Spring-driven motor drive, manual winding to drive all operations, no battery needed
  • Mode of shooting - movie (I Mode) and still shot (E Mode).
  • Fixed film speed, at 16 fps
  • Movitar lens, 10mm F/1.9, focusing range is 0.2 meter - infinity, f/stop settings are 16, 11, 8, 5.6, 4, 2,8, 1.9.
  • Support interchangeable lens, shoe for external attached viewfinder
  • Attachment for standard cable release
  • Tripod hole at camera bottom

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