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McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Camera

It is the world's standard leading camera guide, which covers over 40,000 cameras, over 1000 pages, updated every 2 years. More than 10,000 photos are added in this edition. A definitive reference for professional or amateur, camera collectors and dealers. It tells you how to shop wisely, and your spending on this book will be paid back immediately, when you can get the best deal in your next camera purchase.

2005 - 2006 Edition
Hardcover | Paperback

2001 - 2002 Edition
Hardcover | Paperback

How it begins ?

I started to collect classic camera back in 1998, when I travelled in Dhaka of Bangladesh. By chance, I went to one junk store in DIT circle around Gulshan. After heavy bargaining, I got a LOMO TLR Lubitel 166B (see the above photo).

Its viewfinder cover is with rust. The shoe for external flash attachement is missing. Together with some other flaws, it is an imperfect piece, which I treasure for its imperfection and character. After that, I started to learn and collect different camera from different period. That is so amazing when I realised that people tried their best to make improvement in developing equipments, which ultimate purpose is to, make images. Images are always impacting our lifes.

To me, it may be meaningless if directly comparing vintage cameras with modern electronic type film camera or even digital cameras. Because they are different. There is also no point in directly comparing a Diana toy camera to a Hasselblad. Because they are different too. I enjoy in seeing the difference among them. In short, it is the diversity, rather than quality that makes me feel amazed in collecting vintage cameras.

There must be some reasons for a camera to appear and even disappear in photography history. It is amazing to view cameras as entities appearing in human history in pursue of recording or creating images, in the sense that it may be a shift of shooting interest, a technology breakthrough, economic or even political reflection. In taking all of these into account, that closer look is to approach cameras, not only as a tool, but through some kind of perspective via museumlogy.

I trust that in using old equipments, we can somehow experience what people experienced in the past, and it can introduce more cross reference and perspective for us in understanding images.

Reference: Finding vintage equipment and trying new things is a great part of the art of photography. So many times travel inspires art, and in traveling we can find unique pieces of equipment. Whether in Bangladesh or a day trip near your hometown the opportunity to find unique cameras. When in a new place ask around to see where there might be a shop or antique dealer that may have a wonderful camera for a reasonable price. A Miami hotel may offer services that include a concierge who may know the best little shop with some great finds. Places with great history usually have venues where photographers are able to capture amazing images. Hotels in Chicago Illinois are known to have a storied past, it may be worthwhile to take your favorite camera out and try to imagine what it was like when Al Capone owned the town. Art is all around us and using your favorite, and sometimes vintage equipment is as rewarding an experience as any.

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