When I was a little boy, my parents called me 'Cheuk-Chai'. 'Cheuk' is my middle name'. In Cantonese, 'Chai' means small; son; or boy.

On the first day when I was studying in Kar Sum Kindergarten, I saw many classmates crying. I had not cried, but picked up some toys and played with them. I didn't know why they cried even toys were available. In 1996, the district was undergoing a re-construction project. All buildings were demolished. Kar Sum Kindergarten was demolished too.

When I was studying in secondary school, one day the principal came to our classroom to talk to our class. During that period, one of our classmates was often fooled by us. I can still remember some words spoken by our principal, 'Don't try to make the others to think, or behave, like what we do. The world is boring if everyone is the same.'

This photo was taken at home, when I lived in Tsing Yi. In 1997, I moved to other place.